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Making the most of your slides


We take each slide and after scanning and image processing add them in order creating the slide show on your unique DVD. You can watch this DVD on either a television or computer. If you wish you can set your image to music too..

Step by step

Each slide is scanned using the Nikon 5000. Using infrared and scratch reduction options in the scanner software the impact of most dirt and damage can be reversed at the same time limited colour and contrast correction is done.

We then move the images into Adobe Photoshop where manual cropping takes place to removed the dark border created by the frame mount, at this point we also correct any other alignment problems; some major, such as the slide being the wrong way up or even back to front. others more subtle such as a slight tilt when first shot.

Before saving back to disk, we under take final manual image adjustments for colour, contrast and for the removal of spots caused by mould, damp or physical damage. This is not full photographic restoration, but quite close we think but please note it is possible for the chemical surface of your slides to be damaged past the point where the images can be recovered.

Options (Included in the price)

  • You can select one of more of your images to appear on the DVD face and case
  • Select one or more images to be used on the DVD menu and chapter titles
  • Following your instructions we create then insert DVD menu items and title slides
  • By default, still images are silent ...

Chargeable Extras

A copy as a gift

We like to think we have included everything you could wish for; but you may like to consider buying a copy of your new DVD, they make for a perfect gift.


Depending on the quality of the original image and the size and condition of the negative when scanned it is possible to enlarge the image to A4 or even A3. Ask us about higher resolution scanning. It takes a little longer but well worth it for those really special images.

Technical details

We can process four main slide types. If your slides look something like this we should be able to transform their contents for you. image of a slide in a two inch card mount

All four types (sizes) are held in a two inch square card or plastic mounts; namely.

  • Super 35mm
  • 35mm
  • 126
  • 110

Raw slide

showing scratched negative with small signs of damp

Processed slide

Note that the the blue spots caused by damp and the lines caused by grit scoring the slide surface over the years have been removed.

cleaned image, lines and spots removed

The big picture

Once again the kitten is free to attack the piano with impunity.

cleaned image, lines and spots removed