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Digital Photography and Videography

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Price List

Negatives, Photographs and Slides

Contact us for further details or to arrange a no obligation quotation. The example prices quoted includes all processing plus creation of one printed DVD and case.
Additional copies of cased DVDs are available for only £10.00

Sadly recent significant falls in the value of Sterling means we are forced to adjust our pricing to that shown on this page for all new orders accepted on or after June 1st 2017.

Number of images Price
up to 36 £0.68 per slide
72 or more £0.60 per slide
180 or more £0.50 per slide

Video8, HI8, VHS, VHS-C, DV tapes and Mini-DVDs

[See notes 1 & 2]

Per DVD [up to 90 minutes] Price
Copy, trim, print & case £25.00
Copy, trim, edit, menu, print & case.           Price from £40.00
Additional copies of cased DVD £15.00

What's included?

Still and moving images

We undertake a little light cleaning (still images), correct colours and image alignment, if required attempt to edit out damage (scratches etc), edit moving images as required, add your soundtrack if requested, optionally create your unique DVD menu and chapter titles plus your bespoke artwork and printing for the DVD and library case.


  1. If we are unable to recover a usable image from your tape, slide or negative we will not charge for the time taken.
  2. Pricing is based on the number of images used or movie minutes. This means you will not be charged for anything that falls onto the cutting room floor.