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Making the most of your photographs

Often on those important days or times such as weddings, birthdays or holidays we collect images in a number of formats, the most common and most commonly over looked is the photographic print.

Along with your slides, negatives and video images we can scan images up to A4 size and transform them so that they can be added to your DVD based slide show along with your other photographic memories.

If the photograph is no longer in its prime; but does still retain some quality we can undertake limited restoration. In addition to scanning for use as part of the DVD based slide show, we scan to slightly higher quality (600dpi) which may allow you to get copies for printing. In some cases it is possible to print up to A4 size.


torn, cracked and marked


Improved image

Above we see a typical mixture of problems a photograph may present. Cracking of the surface, lines caused by the frame and spotting caused by dust, damp or mould. Alongside we can see the processed image. The torn corner has been replace. The surface cracking around the left eye has gone along with the marks caused by the photograph frame.