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Extracting an image from the original negative using a high resolution vertical scanner is often the best option if you are hoping to recover a long lost, torn or faded image.

Our scanner used infra-red light and clever software to see past the dust and finger marks that may have stuck to the surface over the years and can produce remarkable results; as you can see below.

Original faded and cropped  image

The original photograph.

Here for example a much loved photograph. It has entertained us for years but sadly exposure to the elements has taken its toll.

Note the that centre of the image has faded in the sun-light and that the paper has been cut to fit the frame.

Although it would be possible to scan the photographic print and use software such as Adobe Photoshop to correct the colour and even replace missing parts of the image; it would take a long time to process and is unlikely to match the quality of the original.

The scanned negative.

See how the scanner has liberated the original colour and rich detail from the negative.

The image shown here has been heavily compressed to allow it to be delivered as part of a web page, the full image produced by the scanner is sufficiently detailed to be used to create a poster sized print A3 or bigger.

much improved photograph scanned directly from a negative