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Your DVD

What will you get?

Your DVD will include a menu allowing to select each album of photographs or video. We will create and insert titles at the beginning of each section free of charge. When we meet to collect your still and moving images we will work out with you how best to break the content into chapters and arrange your content to tell your story.

When you play your DVD; the still images will appear one after the other in a slide show, each fading out as the next fades in. Typically each image is on screen for ten seconds, allowing each DVD to hold up to 540 images. You can if you wish mix still and moving images on the same DVD, a hundred slides, then a video, then a few scanned photographs or negative; each DVD created will be as unique as the story it is helping to tell.

Your DVD will look every bit as professional as any you can buy in a shop. Both the DVD and its sleeve will be printed using images and text you supply added one of the design templates we supply.

Giving that last finishing touch; the DVD case will be sealed into its own clear plastic sleeve, ideal if you are planning it as a gift

Technical details

To ensure we deliver a good quality picture from beginning to end, we limit the amount of content on any one DVD to between sixty and ninety minutes. By default the DVDs are created in a format called DVD-R, this is the most popular and best supported format. If you need the other format, known as DVD+R, do please let us know.

A copy to share?

For a little extra we can create duplicates of your movie for you, complete with printing, case artwork and wrapper. See price list for details

Silent movie?

Why not give your movie a soundtrack. We can supply royalty free classical music, or if you prefer you can supply any music you own.

view of sample dvd inside their case

view of sample dvd case closed